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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the reputation of our department that offers a vibrant atmosphere and an encouraging environment to the students and the faculty members to foster their spirit of scientific inquiry to pursue their goal.

Our Mission

  • To create and maintain the programs of excellence in the areas of basic Chemistry research and education.
  • To promote, inspire and nurture the fundamentals of Chemistry through different courses of the basic sciences, applied sciences.
  • To endorse an overall growth of students and faculty members by promoting learning and research in interdisciplinary relevant areas of Chemistry.
  • To maintain the department in terms of its relevance of teaching and research.


The faculty members are engaged in research works in different areas of Chemistry and interdisciplinary relevant areas of Chemistry. The research areas are given below:
  • Dr. Arpita Sarkar
      Research areas:
    • Functional Mesoporous Materials
    • Nanoparticle Syntheses and their Photocatalytic Applications,
    • Artificial Photosynthesis.
  • Dr. Joydev C. Hazra: Research area:
    • Electrochemistry
  • Dr. Arpita Sarkar: Journal publication: 9 international journals(8 SCI, 1 Scopus)
  • Dr. Joydev C. Hazra: Journal publication: 4 national journals.
  • Chandan santra: Journal publication: 1international journal.
Journal Publications
  • Dr. Arpita Sarkar
    • 9 international journals (8 SCI, 1 Scopus)
  • Dr. Joydev C. Hazra:
    • 4 national journals.
  • Chandan Santra
    • 1 international journal.

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