Industry insider speaks about the importance of effective communication in healthcare


The Department of Hospital Management organised a workshop on 'The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare' on 5th September. Soumitra Banerjee, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, Vivekananda Hospital, Durgapur was the speaker at the session. At the event, Banerjee shared his experience in healthcare administration.

"The reception of the patients and the patients' party have to be good. The success of the hospital managers depends on effective and empathetic communication with a touch of soft skills," he said.

Banerjee shared his personal experience on how to deal with the patient party in case of outbursts. In this context, he went on to explain why communication is so important in healthcare leadership. "This leads to better employee management and patient outcomes," he added.

While addressing the audience, the speaker, again and again, highlighted that healthcare is a sensitive sector and hence, there is the necessity for skillful communication to handle situations sensibly.