University-industry linkage: IIC webinar discusses on National Innovation Day

IIC webinar discusses on National Innovation Day

Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with the Department of Computational Science organised a webinar on 'University to Industry Connecting the DOTs' to celebrate National Innovation Day on 15th October. Ms. Brishti Mondal, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources at Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies was the speaker at the event.

The overall purpose of this webinar was to build the ability to think critically, learn and reinvent oneself over a lifetime. Furthermore, the students were exposed to certain policies and strategies that will help them to succeed. Employers and communities indeed need graduates who can solve problems and work proactively in the Information and service industry.

This webinar aimed to create a sense of responsibility and understanding of how to contribute to the greater good and how to use educational experiences to benefit society.