Workshop on “Innovation- Passion or Profession”

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Guiding future industry leaders

The School of Management & Commerce in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council organised a Workshop on Passion or Profession on June 18, 2022. Mr. Aniruddha Kaushal (Chief Transformations Officer, Kaushal Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) was the guest speaker for the event. Through the workshop the speaker informed the students about the ways in which entrepreneurship can be an exciting career venue for them to explore.

The speaker started by debunking some of the myths surrounding entrepreneurship in India. Many times we tend to think that only the privileged and the gifted can pursue their dreams of starting a business. For our speaker resilience and planning combined with the willingness to learn on the job is far more helpful than simply being talented. He shared resources with students to learn about setting up a business and the different emerging sectors. The final part of the event was dedicated towards listening to the doubts and apprehensions of the students and cheering them on to follow their dreams.