Data Science and Modelling Workshop at Brainware University

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Sharpening the Knowledge

A workshop on Nuts and Bolts of Data Science and Modelling was organised by the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of Brainware University and Brainware Group of Institutions on February 12, 2021 from 11am onwards. The guest speaker, Dr. Saroj Kumar Biswas, Assistant Professor of National Institute of Technology, Silchar, was invited to preside over the session. The workshop was conducted online through Google Meet.

Dr. Biswas commenced with the words, “One of the essential tools for businesses and companies of all sizes is big data.The availability and interpretation of big data has altered the business models of old industries and enabled the creation of new ones.” He further defined, “Data science is aconcept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods in order to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data.”

Thereafter, his discussion focused on Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Science Model, Feature Selection Approaches and Feature Selection Method with different practical examples. It concluded with lively interaction between the guest and the participants.