Canon Brand Ambassador and Nat Geo photographer Apratim Saha conducts a workshop with Media Science students

Workshop with Media Science students

A few days ago, we celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen. But did you know that Mrinal Sen was once forced to take up the job of a medical representative?

There is an uncanny similarity between Mrinal Sen and Canon Brand Ambassador Apratim Saha who also works as a photographer with National Geographic, Getty Images, and Stocksy United. Saha also started working as a medical representative but his first love of photography has always been there by his side.

Recently, he met with the Daasanach people and their tribe chief which is an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan.

Saha had a lot of insights and experience to share with the Media Science and Journalism students with whom he conducted a workshop on 'Creative Portraiture'.

Saha started his photography career with analog camera when he used to click black and white photos. With digitalisation, he was forced to digital instead of film.

The session was inspiring for the Media Science students and they learnt a lot of tips and techniques in handling the camera.