Industrial Training to reinvent success by Brainware University

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Reinventing success

Brainware University paves a new path! The pandemic may have put an end to conventional industrial training but we have found an innovative way to keep learning and developing. The Department of Computational Science, Brainware University in association with EDP Software organized an Industrial Training on DevOps Methodologies & Implementation Techniques all through August 2021 to help students prepare for the job market.

Through the four weeks of this intensive programme the students learned firsthand how DevOps is incorporated into modern industries to optimize production. Reputed software trainers, Mr. Subhendu Saha and Mr. Akshya Kumar Jena taught the students the techniques of handling a complex set of tools to shorten the development lifecycle of software and hence fasten the production process. The participants were given real-life problems to solve through the processes they had learned to give them a sense of how DevOps works in the IT world.

The later part of the training consisted of career advice and the students were introduced to new and exciting developments in the field. The trainers introduced them to niche job areas that were rapidly gaining popularity. The training sessions ended with an evaluation where the students performed remarkably well and were given certificates for future use. The Department hopes to continue arranging more such enriching events for the students in the future.