Life at BWU – A Veritable Cosmos of Myriad Hues

Brainware University is counted as one of the top private universities in West Bengal. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, Wi-Fi enabled campus, hostel accommodations, qualified faculty and good teachers, great labs, good food and other student-friendly facilities, the experience of the students at Brainware becomes a roller-coaster ride which unfurls new stories at every twist and turn. It makes the journey an exhilarating one where every student has a new flavour to savour.

At Brainware, we are passionate about holistic development of an individual who develop not only professionally but also become better individuals. This is why we endeavour to provide quality and healthy facilities to all which help them to learn and grow without any hindrance.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

Brainware University boasts of an interactive campus with high speed highly secured virtual private network connectivity. Our campus buildings are interconnected with the Jio Private Network Wi-Fi system yielding a speed up to 100 Mbps. Apart from this, our campus houses approximately 310 LAN connected computers particularly for student use. Our hostels comprise of around 40 salient private Wi-Fi devices along with the campus connections which allow our boarders seamless access to the internet. Our fully functional Wi-Fi facility thus encourages education beyond the traditional 4-walls of a classroom. It is also a medium of availing daily necessities for both the working staff and the students.


Hostels – A Home Away From Home


Brainware University has separate hostels for both boys and girls provided with basic furniture, Wi-Fi connectivity, common room with TV, indoor games etc. Every hostel has its own warden, who takes care of any trouble or difficulty faced by any boarder at any point of time of their stay on campus. Besides this, to ensure safety within the premises of the hostel, there is security service 24 × 7. The security guards make sure that no foul practices, no form of ragging or other illegal conduct is carried out within the premises.


Brainware University provides its students, faculty and staff members with a mouth-watering experience in the campus with two eating joints under FSSAI licensed “Pet Pujo”: one is the Canteen and the other is the Food Court.

The canteen caters to the basic food requirements of the students and staff i.e. the breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. It offers a wide range of dishes at great value, freshly cooked and prepared, and with detailed attention paid to hygiene and quality. The canteen is a spacious area where the visitors can sit and gossip as they relax and enjoy their meals.

While the canteen offers ordinary meals in an incredible mould that one cannot but relish, the Food Court supplies with fanciful and exotic delicacies for the students and visitors at astonishingly affordable rates. What attracts the customers daily is the variety of food cooked ranging from Mughlai dishes to South Indian recipes.


Language Laboratory


Besides academic qualification, a candidate requires fluent communicative skills and an impressive personality in order to qualify an interview and get a job. With the objective of building personality, enhancing effective soft skills and nourishing confidence among the aspiring individuals, Brainware University provides a well-equipped Language Laboratory for the grooming of the learners. The university has two language laboratories which accommodates sixty computers which are fitted with microphone and speakers. Apart from this, the laboratories are equipped with modern gadgets like projector, white board and screens. To make the learning experience fun filled, engaging and enriching, group discussions, debate, extempore and mock interview sessions are conducted in these labs.

ATM Facility

With a dearth of banks and other institutions of financial importance within walking distance of our campus, Brainware Univeristy has an IDBI bank ATM machine installed within its campus to cater to the financial needs of all its students and staffs, especially students. We know how important it is for students to be able to have fast and easy access to obtaining cash for their personal and educational needs while being away from home. Not only is the ATM a huge support for our day scholars and our staff members but also to our hostel boarders, for whom the ATM serves as the primary source of money for not only meeting their bills but also for their own personal requirements.



With over 15000+ collections of books, journals, magazines, e-books, the Brainware University central library is well stocked to cater to the information needs of the academic community within as well as beyond the horizons of the academic curriculum. Whole library collection is computerized and is electronically accessible through WEB-OPAC.

The library also provides access to digital resources in the form of CDs, DVDs, e-books, e-resources, databases etc. BWU library has institutional membership of the British Council Library and Chitrabani Library, from where books and articles can be obtained as per the requirement of the students, teachers and other staffs.

Apart from these, the students/faculty/staffs can access the resources of National Digital Library of India (NDL) and e-Sodhsindhu which consist of huge collection of books, research papers, theses and various data bases.


Health Care Facility

To ensure students’ wellbeing and to deal with any kind of medical emergency, Brainware University provides health care facilities to the students by providing First-Aid, a vehicle for conveyance to hospitals and other basic facilities. A separate room (sick room) is also earmarked for the said facility. A registered Medical practitioner is available in the campus on all working days during the working hours, who can be reached for consultation in case of any health-related grievances.

In the current competitive scenario, university students undergo extensive stress not only from personal issues but also from academic pressure, career emphasis, and other social problems. Thus, to cater to the psychological wellbeing of the students, a Student Counsellor, is also available twice a week during the working hours for consultation.

For any health-related emergencies or enquiries, please contact:Phone No.: 033-71445643


Seminar Halls And Conference Room


Brainware University houses three state-of-the-art and spacious, seminar rooms. with a seating capacity of more than two hundred in each hall, the rooms are designed to facilitate the teaching learning process using modern technological aids. The University Conference Room is spanned over a wide area and capable of accommodating hundreds of spectators at the same time. They are all air conditioned and equipped with incandescent lights, good acoustics, audio visual tools such as microphones, audio/video recording, video playback, slide projector etc. Moreover, there are provisions for Wi-Fi connections and smart board system, to make them user-friendly in conducting any training session, symposium or conferences.

These rooms serve multiple purposes such as meetings of faculty members and students, presentations, short-term training programs and special lectures from guests and experts. Besides academic activities, the seminar rooms are also used to observe various cultural functions such as quiz, debate, blood donation camps, book fair, social gatherings and other celebrations.


With the objective of encouraging students to maintain a strong body and a healthy mind, Brainware University provides facilities of gymnasium which is equipped with gadgets like the tread mill, weights for muscle building and the like. It is a spacious well-ventilated room capable of accommodating numerous students at a time. This facility is used for open recreation, sports club activities and special events. The gymnasium is situated within the college campus and all the students are entitled to avail its services. Thus, it allows students to reduce stress, boost brainpower and stay healthy through regular exercises.


Sports Facilities

A healthy body has a healthy mind. Games and sports are an essential part of being active and healthy. Keeping this in view, Brainware university promotes various sports activities and also encourages student participation. Besides having playgrounds for various sport activities like cricket, football and basketball, the University also provides an indoor table tennis arrangement as well as a swimming pool. The University also organizes various intra and inter University sports events and tournaments every year to provide an opportunity for the students to exhibit their athletic talents, make them focused and disciplined and foster team spirit among the participants.


Cultural – Beyond The Classroom

Brainware University has a rich history of providing its students with a platform that would allow them to express their talents and skills and showcase it to the world. From events like Freshers’ Welcome to Anandadhara – the Annual College Fest, we provide the students autonomy to plan, arrange and execute proceedings. Whereas events like singing, dance, elocution, stand-up comedy, anchoring etc. helps them not only express themselves but also gives them confidence and maturity, organizing and volunteering enhances their management and administrative abilities. The University boasts of a Sound Laboratory under the Department of Multimedia, which can also be used as a recording studio for interested students and staff. Another event of which Brainware University is proud of is the Talent Hunt where students are given complete autonomy to showcase their skills in any field other than academics.

We as a University understand our responsibility to society all too well and understand that we must inculcate the same within our students. In keeping up with these ideals we take great pleasure in celebrating socially important occasions like Women’s Day and Bhasha Dibosh, where we not only celebrate but also endeavour to make the students aware of their social responsibilities towards the world and its people. Paying homage to great personalities, who have shaped the fabric of our nation, life and society, is also something we take great pride in. Our past makes who we are and we must never forget our past.

Another diverse club that we are proud of is Photo-Frame – the photography club. Apart from this we can boast of a Communication Club, a Technological Innovations Club, a fully dedicated NSS segment along with a thriving sports fraternity.


Moot Court – The Interface Between Classroom And Courtroom


A Moot Court is a platform which equips the law students to analyze and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal issue using procedures modeled after those employed in actual courtroom proceedings. It gives the students a practical learning exposure related to the various aspects of court proceedings, legal and oral arguments, procedure for research, analysis and writing and various other best court practices.

At Brainware University moot courts are conducted, to enable students to analyse and argue both sides of hypothetical legal cases before professors, lawyers, retired judges etc. who serve as judges, using procedures modelled after those employed in various state and other appellate courts. These exposures equip the students to face actual courtroom proceedings with much ease when they make the transition.

Common Room: Celebrating Togetherness

Brainware University has well equipped common rooms for students to sit back and relax. These rooms are safe spaces for students to bond with each other and celebrate those priceless moments which make university life so precious for us all. It is a perfect spot for a chat between classes or a round of carrom. At Brainware, students’ comfort and well being remains our top priority. A perfect lounge, a passerby can often hear students engaged in myriad discussions or in singing soulful songs. Provisions have been made for inclusion of magazines and art posters to give the rooms a homely vibe. We hope these rooms are a space of solace for our students after strenuous lectures. At Brainware University,students’ comfort and well- being remains our top priority.


Psychological Council


Brainware University has seen countless examples of individuals transforming into successful personalities. This was made possible because of the Psychological Council’s relentless work in guiding the students towards the right track. Brainware University is proud to have the guidance of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Reema Mukherjee in creating a healthy academic environment. Despite coming from different family backgrounds, students here feel the ease of sharing their issues with our psychologists. The main aim is to ensure the mental well-being of the students and to help them cope with stress which students may struggle as individuals, as part of families and organizations. Our experts provide treatment and solution of severe psychological symptoms.

Legal Aid Clinic

The Brainware University Legal Aid Clinic, since its very inception on January 11, 2020, has been organizing legal literacy and aid camps in various parts of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Additionally it has organised various drives aiming to sensitize people about the existing laws on sexual abuse, child trafficking, and child labour. While traditionally legal aid clinics tackled only the poorest and most marginalized, our policy has been to provide legal aid to all sections of our society and educate them about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.




Sports is in the Brainware DNA. Thus our playgrounds become the life centers of our University. Our campus consists of one major playground equipped with movable goalposts and a makeshift cricket pitch which serves as a turf both for football as well as cricket. Evenings see students and hostel boarders slog it out on the field for bragging rights. This ground has also played host to Inter-College Cricket Tournaments and an Inter-College Football Tournaments. Apart from this we also have a smaller playing areas used mostly for games like volleyball and badminton.

Photo Studio

The Photo Studio in the Department of Multimedia at Brainware University is the one of its kind in the entire state of West Bengal. Equipped with 4 state-of-the art Mac machines to edit and capture hi-resolution photos, the studio boasts of a photo frame equipment that takes impressions of both live models with corresponding light setting as well as that of products to be sold. Students of the 2nd semester are given a hands-on training in the said studio.




One of the revered spaces within the premise of the campus, after the classrooms, is the auditorium. It is not only a place for college events and congregation but also to fete, to debate and discuss. Brainware University feels proud to boast of its auditoriums which are used extensively for academic purposes, besides cultural events on a regular basis. Equipped with modernized gadgets and tools, the rooftop halls are air-conditioned, and spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of spectators. They are used for a wide variety of activities ranging from academic gatherings like seminars, conferences and symposium to convocation ceremonies, alumni meets and cultural fests.

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