Library: Services

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With extensive cataloguing and written down records, students are provided a vast and user friendly index to choose from. A maximum of 3 books, they are permitted to keep them for a time period of 15 days at a stretch. After 15 days the books can be renewed for another period of 15 days and so on depending upon the availability of the books. Faculty members are allowed to issue 5 books for 30 days, they are also allowed to reissue their books.

Another salient feature of our Library is that along with a print version it also houses a similarly vast digital repository of previous years’ question papers, Project reports, Govt. reports, etc. which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Students can access and read all, while download some of its contents.

The services offered by the University Library at a glance,

  • WEB-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Circulation
  • Reference Service
  • Reprography
  • Book Reservation
  • Preservation
  • Previous years’ question papers
  • Project reports
  • Magazine and Newspaper facilities
  • Email Alert service
  • Telephonic Alert Service
  • National Digital Library
  • Digital Reference Service
  • Membership
  • Inter-Library Loan Service