Freshers' Welcome 2022-23: The festivities continue for the 1st-sem students

Image 287 - Freshers' Welcome 2022-23

Well, Durga Puja is not over yet for the students of Brainware University. After the puja vacations, the students are indeed filled with remorse to return to their colleges. However, the picture is totally different at Brainware University. The 1st-semester students are excited to return to the university because of 'Freshers' Welcome 2022-23'. The freshers' for 55+ programmes have started from 11th October, 2022 and will continue till 20th October, 2022.

"I am so excited! Our seniors have put up a spectacular show for us. I am enjoying it thoroughly," said a 1st-semester Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) student. The CSE department had their freshers on the second day, i.e, 12th October. On the first day, BCA and MCA students attended the freshers' event.

Songs, dance performances, skits and a host of other activities lined up the freshers' events. One of the major attractions of 'Freshers' Welcome 2022-23' is undoubtedly the university band. The audience cheered to their performance as the university band gave the feeling of a concert to their juniors.

The 1st-sem students are having a gala time at the university!