Dr. Rupali Basu, MD and CEO of Woodlands Hospital shares her journey with the students at a motivational session

journey with the students at a motivational session by Dr. Rupali Basu

Just after International Women's Day, it was inspiring to listen to the journey of another woman with many parts. Dr. Rupali Basu, MD and CEO, Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital was present at Brainware University to conduct a seminar on 'My Leadership Journey - If I Can, You Can' on March 9, 2023. The seminar was organised by the Department of Hospital Management.

"I come from the small town of Durgapur. I studied in a Bengali medium school, but I always wanted to be a global citizen, and, in that case, language was not a bar," said Dr. Basu. She shared her childhood. Dr. Basu comes from a family of Engineers and her childhood was full of song, dance, recitation, plays etc. that shape up the psyche of middle-class Bengali households.

Dr. Basu recounts how her father taught her the importance of financial independence from a very early age. She recalled her days at medical college where she had to manage with a budget.

"By the end of college, I developed a passion for public health administration. So, when my friends were pursuing higher studies in core medical disciplines, I decided to opt for Hospital Management," she said. Dr. Basu travelled to various places across the world to pursue courses on public health management.

"You must dare to dream big if you need to reach the top of the ladder," Dr. Basu shared this useful tip with the students.