Workshop on Student’s Industry Interface : Brainware University

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The School of Management and Commerce of Brainware University organized a workshop on ‘Industrial Policy, Trade and Self-Reliant India’ to instill a deeper understanding of industrial policies and its importance in the business environment among its participants. It was arranged on April 28, 2021 over Google meet. To grace the occasion, Dr. Surendar Singh, Senior Deputy Director, Engineering Export Promotion Council of India was invited. The session was attended by students of all the batches in the Department of Management and Commerce.

Dr. Singh commenced the session with an illustration of the various resources the government has in order to fulfill the dream of a self-reliant India. “Economic growth and social welfare being the ultimate objectives, the industries are prompted to adopt different strategies and policies to bring about a transformation and advancement,” said Dr. Singh.

Thereafter, the guest emphasized on the primary objectives of industrial policies such as – maintenance of sustained growth in productivity, increasing employment opportunities and optimum utilization of human resources. “It includes procedures, principles, that is, the philosophy of a given economy, policies, rules and regulations, in­centives and punishments, the tariff policy, the labour policy, government’s attitude towards foreign capital, etc.,” he elaborated.

This was followed by a Q&A session where the participants interacted with the speaker while the latter satisfactorily addressed their queries. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks from the moderators. It was successfully carried out under the supervision of Dr. Rajarshi Debnath and Prof. Baisakhi Dasgupta.