'Relevance of Design in Entrepreneurship and Corporate & Women Entrepreneurship' : Industry insider shared certain important insights

Relevance of Design in Entrepreneurship

Brainware University's Multimedia Department, in collaboration with IIC, orchestrated a seminar delving into the 'Relevance of Design in Entrepreneurship and Corporate & Women Entrepreneurship.' The event featured Sourav Sarkar, Senior Marketing Manager, Reliance Retail (Eastern zone), who eloquently defined design as "your distinct identity, setting you apart from the crowd."

Sarkar highlighted the influence of forced ad content during screen time, averaging 16 to 19 minutes per hour. He underscored the critical role of design as a multifaceted cornerstone for effective communication, directly impacting brand value, market retention, and consumer engagement.

During interactions with students, Sarkar encouraged: “If you feel like you can succeed, you will” underlining the power of mindset. The session also explored diverse career avenues within the corporate sector for multimedia students, fostering insightful discussions with Brainware's aspiring young minds.