Radio Channel Performance Workshop-Brainware university

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Professional grooming for the perfect future

What is the latest technology that’s raising the stakes in the field of patient care and healthcare monitoring? The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering organised a Workshop On “On and Off Body Radio Channel Performance Of a Dual Band Planner Inverted F Antenna” on October 28, 2021 on 4 PM to help prepare them for the industry. Dr. Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan, (Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) was the guest speaker for the event.

He explained how Body-centric Wireless Communications(BCWC) is an emerging technology which has great potential for applications in healthcare for patient monitoring by placing sensors in the human body. “The MN then directs the data to the monitor node, which either analyses it, or forwards it over the internet to the hospital and doctors,” he explained.

After this, he proceeded to improve the performance and life cycle of the sensors. The final part of the programme was devoted towards answering career related questions of the students. Dr. Khan shared resources and free courses to help students prepare better for the future.