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Job-training by experts

The vision care industry is a booming job sector for young optometrists. To help them navigate the intricacies of a successful job interview, the Department of Allied Health Sciences organised a Workshop on Employment Opportunities in Vision Care Industry on May 22, 2021 from 11 AM.

Mr Rupam Sinha (Professional Affairs Manager, Vision Care Alcon Laboratories) discussed the crucial strategies young professionals must follow to succeed in this field. He started the discussions by explaining the relevance of optometrists in the Indian visioncare space and how optometrists must prepare themselves to work in both clinical and research settings. “You never want to limit yourself in such a field. Focus on both clinical practice but also spend time on researching different procedures so you can add value to your company,” he advised.

Mr Sinha demonstrated the work of an optometrist through several fun perception strength exercises where he tested the vision of participants. He then moved on to interview preparation.

To prepare for a great interview Mr Sinha advised students to be charming but also to have the required credentials. “You need to show us that you are interested in growing and that you can take steps for career advancement on your own. So from now on sign up for internships, do extra courses, learn languages. Basically anything that will set you apart from the rest,” he said.