Mechanical Engineering students attend a webinar on 'Fundamentals of Battery Technology Webinar'

Fundamentals of Battery Technology

The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a webinar on 'Fundamentals of Battery Technology and its Application in Modern Industry' on March 4, 2023. Dr. Brajesh Kumar Kanchan, Assistant Professor, Department of Production Engineering, PSG Colleges of Technology, Coimbatore, was the speaker for the session.

Dr. Kanchan shared the applications of batteries in modern industry, the history of Li-ion battery cell and his research work on this topic. Li-ion batteries, as one of the most advanced rechargeable batteries, are attracting much attention in the past few decades. They are currently the dominant mobile power sources for portable electronic devices, exclusively used in cell phones and laptop computers. The demand for Li-ion batteries increases rapidly, especially with the demand from electric-powered vehicles.

The students were glad to learn about the major application and numerical modelling of Li-ion battery system.