Guidelines For Admission Of International Students

About Location of Brainware University

The Brainware University (BWU) is located at Barasat, a district Headquarter and an important town near Kolkata - the capital city of West Bengal. Its distance from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum is of about 14kms only and takes a time of not more than 30 minutes to reach our luxuriant, all-embracing, green and clean 9 acres campus.

What Must be Done Before Coming To India

International students who wish to study in India must obtain a Student Visa before s/he reaches India for the same. As soon as a student receives an Admission Letter to study at Brainware University, s/he should immediately apply for the Student Visa.

About Student Visa

India offers various kinds of visas according to the purpose of visit of a foreigner. Student Visa is a specific visa for students eager to come to India and join a University/College here, for higher studies.

Generally Student Visas are issued for the duration of the academic course of study she/he wishes to join, or for a period of five years whichever is less, on the basis of the letter of admission from Universities or recognized colleges/educational institutions in India. However it is at the sole discretion of the Indian High Commission to decide upon the duration of the Student Visa.

The children of NRIs and PIO cardholders need not obtain a Student Visa. Other international students need Student Visa or Research Visa, in case of Doctoral level courses.

Pre-requisites for Obtaining a Student Visa

In order to apply for a Student Visa, one needs to match the following conditions:-In case the candidate is on Government of India scholarship/s, the respective Indian Mission is generally advised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to issue a regular Student Visa after her/his admission in an Indian University/Institute is confirmed.

In case the candidate is arriving as a self-financing student, s/he needs to produce confirmed letters of admission from universities or recognized colleges and institutions in India for obtaining the regular Student Visa.

In other cases, if the candidate is to arrive as a research student, synopsis of the research project countersigned by the sponsoring institution in India along with a letter of approval and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned Ministries in India should be submitted for the necessary Visa. The Indian Mission will then be able to declare the average turnaround time for a Visa application, which might be between 3 to 8 weeks.

Rules and Regulations for Applying Student Visa

The visitors are required to fill online Visa Application by visiting website http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ and visit their nearest embassy with printout of the online filled application and required travel documents.

Required Documents:
  • Passport with 6 month validity
  • Passport size photographs
  • Photo copy of passport
  • Proof of residential address
  • Copy of online filled form
  • University admission letter
  • University details

Nationals of Nepal and Bhutan do not require Visa to enter India. However, citizens of Nepal require a Visa when entering India from/through China.

During Students' Visa period, s/he will not be permitted to change the purpose of her/his stay, nor change the institution s/he is admitted in.

Students coming from abroad holding a Student Visa for more than 180 days are required to register her/himself with the local FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival and obtain a residence permit.

Documents to be Submitted by International Students at the Time of Admission

Sl No Documents List No. of copies
1 Class 10 Mark sheet ( self-attested photocopy ) 2
2 Class 10 Certificate ( self-attested photocopy ) 2
3 Class 12 Mark sheet ( self-attested photocopy ) 2
4 Class 12 Certificate ( self-attested photocopy ) 2
5 Graduation Mark sheet ( all years / semesters ) ( self-attested photocopy ) ( for PG ) 2
6 Graduation Certificate ( self-attested photocopy ) (for PG) 2
7 School Leaving Certificate ( self-attested photocopy ) ( for UG ) 2
8 Migration Certificate ( original) ( for PG) 1
9 Character Certificate ( recent) ( self-attested photocopy) 2
10 Passport ( duly attested by notary) 2
11 Nationality Certificate in case of N.R.I / P.I.O / F.N. Nationality Certificate of Guardian in case of P.I.O 2
12 Blood Group Report (self-attested photocopy) 2
13 Physical fitness certificate from a registered physician 2
14 Caste Certificate issued by competent authority ( self-attested photocopy ) (Wherever applicable) 2
15 Stamp sized colored photo (please write name on the back side of each photo) 2
16 Disability Certificate (self-attested photocopy) (wherever applicable) 2
17 Equivalence Certificate from the Association of Indian University (AIU), New Delhi in case the institution is not affiliated to any Indian, National, or State Boards/University or accrediting authority. (self-attested photo copy) (refer link ) 2

Brainware University will accept self-attested copies of documents provided by the students. It is made clear that if any false attestation /falsified records are detected, the student will be debarred from attending any course in the University.

It is mandatory to carry the original certificates at the time of admission. If fails to produce the same, admission will not be confirmed and might stand CANCELLED.

At the time of admission in Brainware University students are required to submit the following Affidavit:
  • Anti-ragging Affidavit to be duly signed and verified by the applicant.
  • Anti-ragging Affidavit to be duly signed and verified by the Applicant's Parents/Legal Guardian

Induction/Orientation Program:

Understanding the need of making foreign students acclimatize to Brainware University as well as to the Indian Culture, an Induction cum Orientation program is conducted right at the beginning of the academic session for students coming from different corners of the world. This program will include a fantastic presentation life at the Brainware University campus, about its rules and policies and about the Indian Culture & Demography in general. Therefore it is strongly recommended that all international students shall report at Brainware University on the specified date and time to experience this warm and welcoming Induction/Orientation Program and soon become a proud member of the Brainware University family.

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