Workshop on Business Model Canvas

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Transformational mentorship for leaders of tomorrow

Have a business dream that you want to fulfill? The Department of Management & Commerce, organised a Workshop on Business Model Canvas on May 10, 2022 at 4:30 PM to assist first-generation entrepreneurs to establish a successful business venture. Startups have contributed greatly towards the government's vision to build a self-reliant India and increase job-availability. For this purpose we had the pleasure to host Dr Harsh Arora(Associate General Manager, BADA Business) as the guest speaker. As a successful entrepreneur, Dr Arora shared anecdotes about his own journey where he had to embrace both failure and success. "The way ahead for you will be paved with as many roses as there will be thorns, your task should be to be learn from every one of those and use it to walk one step more," Dr Arora advised. The speaker shared resources with the students that will help them set up a business fund and shared live-examples of business models. He went through the different steps towards creating a viable business plan. For Dr. Arora in the initial stages, building a network and learning from the experts is the best strategy. He also shared strategies to help scale a model and how to gather information about pricing. Having finished his speech, Dr. Arora invited questions from the students. Many students shared their apprehensions about whether the risk of choosing a off-track career path will be worth it, to which the speaker answered, "everything in life has difficulty but you might as well suffer doing something you love.". This event was meant to strengthen the ties between the industry and the campus. We hope to provide more such students in the future.