Former Pfizer HealthCare General Manager speaks about Pharmaceutical marketing to the students

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The Department of Pharmacy organised a seminar on 'Pharmaceutical Marketing and Supply chain Management' on 19th August from 4 a.m at UB-II Seminar Hall. Shantanu Shome, Former General Manager of Pfizer HealthCare India, was the guest speaker at the event.

While addressing the audience comprising of the B.Pharm and D.Pharm students as well as the faculty members, Shome highlighted the basic concepts of supply chain management. He emphasised the importance of this process and explained that ultimately this entire process of supply chain management helps in improving the service.

Mr. Shome who is a veteran in the Pharmacy industry shared the application of supply chain management in the Pharmacy industry. He stated that from the manufacturing of the products to reaching out to the patients - Pharmaceutical marketing focuses on this entire resource management.

The session was an enriching experience for the students as they got to know about the industry scenario from an experienced industry professional.