HS students with 90%+ marks enroll themselves at Brainware University with Brainware Vidyalankar Scholarship

Brainware Vidyalankar Scholarship 2023

It the dream of every parent to enroll their children in an institute of repute so that they can have a successful career. In this dream, Brainware University has always been a trusted name among the students and guardians.

The university welcomes star HS students Sekh Sahid and Mahuya Chakraborty who have enrolled in the undergraduate BCA and CST programmes, respectively. Both of them have received the Brainware Vidyalankar Scholarship for scoring more than 90% in their +2 board exams.

Sekh Sahid from Bardhhaman aspires to pursue MCA after BCA and work in a reputable company in future. His father told that he visited many other colleges but somehow, he felt that he feels more at ease with Brainware University. He also informed that one of his relatives has also pursued BCA from Brainware University and is now employed in a reputed organisation at Sector V in Salt Lake.

Similarly, Brainware University was also suggested to Mahuya Chakraborty by one of his cousins and she wishes to pursue higher studies in Cyber Security and Technology.

The right to education is a human right and indispensable for the exercise of other human rights. Brainware University tries to keep up with its objective to ensure enlightenment and education across all sections of the people. This has prompted the university to come up with various scholarship schemes. The Brainware Vidyalankar scholarship is one such scholarship awarded to the students scoring 90-95% in their higher Secondary examinations who het half waive on their tuition fees while the students scoring above 95% in their +2 board exams get their tuition fees fully waived.

Our heartiest congratulations to you! All the best for your future!