Workshop on Graphic Illustration | Brainware University

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Designing the perfect career

Graphic Illustrators are in demand in the job market. To help students navigate through the field of professional graphic illustration and inform them about the job opportunities, The Department of Multimedia organised a Workshop on Graphic Illustration on May 29, 2021 from 5:30 PM.

Our guest speaker, Mr Rahul Ghosh(Senior Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions) began by introducing the students to different types of graphic illustrations. “ Diversifying your portfolio and skill sets is the best way to land a great job,” he said.

The next part of discussion focused on the job opportunities in the field and how an idea can be translated into a concrete design. “Clients nowadays want a design that’s minimalist but unique. Your job is to deliver the client’s vision,” he said.

Mr Ghosh advised students to use online resources like Coursera and Skillshare to learn new techniques and boost their CV.The workshop ended on an informative note as students had an opportunity to clear their doubts from the expert.