Pharmacy scholar Dr. Banakar conducted a seminar on 'Intellectual Property Rights: Careers in IP'

Intellectual Property Rights: Careers in IP

"I know of a Chemistry professor whose interest was in synthesis. He invented the synthesis of a gum that is not sticky. Now, somebody else was using the invention and when the professor was informed about this he was happy that his invention was being used with a good purpose. Well, even then one needs to get permission to use one's invention," Dr. Umesh Banakar, Professor and President, Banakar Consulting Services, Westfield, Indiana, USA shared this story with the Pharmacy students of Brainware University.

Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology organised an international seminar on 'Intellectual Property Rights: Careers in IP' on February 16, 2023. Taking instances from his experience, Dr. Banakar highlighted the importance of IPRs to the students.

While interacting with one of the students, he noted, "India has to identify the core areas in clinical trials so that there can be a push forward." In this context, it has to be noted that Dr. Banakar executed 350+ clinical trials himself.