LLM student Subham Chatterjee's paper published on UGC Care-listed journal Madhya Bharati'

paper published on UGC Care-listed journal

It gives us a huge pride to inform that our LLM student Subham Chatterjee's paper titled, 'Rights of the Indigenous People through the Lens of the Constitution of India' has been published in the UGC Care listed multidisciplinary journal 'Madhya Bharati'.

Subham has a knack in academic research and has participated in many ICSSR conferences. He also many several papers published in journals of repute but a publication in UGC care-listed journal is indeed an extraordinary achievement!

The recent political situation at Assam, the lack of rights for the Assamese people and the widespread violation of human rights have compelled Subham who is a resident of this north-eastern state, to explore the rights of the indigenous people through the lens of the Indian constitution.

Currently, Subham is pursuing a study on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community focusing how judiciary can impact the rights of these individuals. Subham wishes to explore this issue from a global perspective.

Education does not only mean mere gathering of knowledge but it is the implementation of that kowledge for the welfare of the society. In that respect, our students are indeed doing a good job. We are hopeful that this research interest in Subham will inspire his juniors to pursue research in their respective fields.

Our heartiest congratulations to Subham for his publication and we wish him all the best for your future research endeavours! You have indeed made us proud!