Riding Together for a Sustainable Future: World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day 2023

Acknowledging the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries, the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, recognised the bicycle as a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transport to celebrate 'World Bicycle Day' on June 3, 2023.

With the idea of 'Riding Together for a Sustainable Future', the students and faculty members of Brainware University rode their bicycles in a small initiative to reduce the carbon footprint.

According to research from the University of Oxford, choosing a bike over a car just once a day can reduce the average person’s transportation-related emissions by 67%. This is because cycling has a carbon footprint of just 33 grams of Carbon Dioxide per mile traveled. Bicycles have other benefits as well apart from reducing carbon dioxide. As it is rightly said ‘“A bicycle is the finest mode of transport known to man.’

With its initiative on 'World Bicycle Day', Brainware University also attempted to infuse this idea among the common people.