The basic need of Love: Understanding its various languages at the seminar on 'Relationships'

The basic need of Love

Relationships struggles are the single largest source of stress for a staggering 87 per cent of GenZ with 1 in 3 stating that their mental wellbeing is greatly impacted if they break up with their partner," a NielsenIQ study suggests.

This was the reason behind the seminar on 'Relationships: Love Speaks Many Languages' organised by the Department of Psychology on June 9, 2023. Dr. Sritama Ghosh, Practicing Psychologist and Special Educator highlighted the fact - Relationship happens to be one of the most important things in today's world. "Why is it so?" she asked this necessary question.

In today's world, there is hardly any time for other people. However, the importance of the emotional quotient is the ability to understand the other person's emotions.

Dr. Ghosh focused on the development of love as a basic need, not only in terms of lovers' relationships but in other relationships. One of the major takeaways for the students at the seminar was understanding the versatility of relationships.