Event on Orientation on IIC Activities organised by Brainware University

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Guiding you on the path to success

Higher Education Institutions can become the backbone of the Indian entrepreneurial community. To help led entrepreneurship projects flourish the Institute's Innovation Council organised an Online Event on IIC Activities on November 19, 2021 from 3:30 PM. Dr. Shivnath Ghosh(President-IIC, Brainware University) was the resource person for this event.

Dr. Ghosh gave information about National Innovation and Startup Policy and the IIC activities NISP 2020 and the ways in which such policies are geared towards helping students and first-generation entrepreneurs launch their dream project. "Money and guidance is what often holds us back from trying something but the government has resources to help you overcome difficulties," he said.

Dr Ghosh attempted to make all understand the need to work on developing a business model even at the university level. "IIC is there to guide and mentor you, this is the perfect platform for you to try out your prototypes. Entrepreneurship is often far-more rewarding than conventional jobs so try it out," he remarked.

Dr. Ghosh praised the New Education Policy for emphasising out-of-the-box thinking and encouraged students to make the best use of the opportunities provided by the IIC. He ended the discussion by answering students' questions regarding the working of the IIC and how they can participate in it.