Workshop | Leadership Career in Cyber Security

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Training future cyber security leaders

Career opportunities in cyber security are at an all-time high. To make a mark in the industry, students must know the various specializations, scopes and skills.

The department of Cyber Science & Technology, in collaboration with EC-Council, organised a one-day Online Workshop on Leadership Career in Cyber Science & Technology on March 13, 2021 from 3.30 PM.

Mr Talha Jawad (Manager Academia of EC-Council) was the resource person for the event. He started the discussion by making the students understand the certifications a good cyber security professional needs. “We need to educate students about being proactive when it comes to their career. No one will serve you opportunities on a plate. It is your responsibility to work towards creating an attractive resume,” he said.

Mr Jawad informed students about the iLab facility offered by EC-Council. “Nothing beats practice and iLab is a jewel in the crown for any serious cyber security professional. You get to practise and solve real-life security problems and run diagnostic services,” he said.

An interesting Q&A session was held at the end to help address students’ queries. Mr Jawad urged students to “invest in your career growth and make sure your learning is always supplemented by practical experience.”