Voice Your Creativity-A Picture Composition Event

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Sharpening observation skills

To develop observation skills, visual thinking and communication skills among students, Communication club of Brainware University organized an event titled “Voice Your Creativity- A Picture Composition Event” on January 31, 2022 from 3 PM.

The competition started by presenting a picture to the students and asking them to relate the inherent message of each of them. Students were assessed on their dynamic vocabulary, comprehension and expression. The participants were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

It was wonderful to see how the participants decoded visual clues while sharing their interpretation. Enriched vocabulary, innovative ideas and great language skills of the students made this competition a great success.

After a lot of deliberations, the winners were declared. The second runner ups were Sandipta Ghosh (BWU/BMJ/21/031) and Deepshikha Roy (BWU/MEN/21/005) and the first runner up was Abhirup Chowdhury (BWU/MEN/21/003). Rahul Prasad (BWU/BCA/21/110) emerged as the winner of the competition.