Webinar on Prototype Validation:Converting Prototype into a Startup

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Giving shape to our business dreams

Innovative prototypes are the first steps to launching a successful product. To guide our young entrepreneurs on the best strategies to convert prototypes into actual products, the Institution’s Innovation Council of Brainware University organised a Webinar on Prototype Validation: Converting Prototype into a Startup on May 22, 2021. Dr Rajesh Dey( Assistant Professor, Brainware University) was the key speaker for the event and he carefully guided the participants through the different stages of product manufacture in startups.

Dr Dey advised the participants to identify the stakeholders before designing a prototype. “This will help you to know what they want and cater your product accordingly,” he said. He illustrated his point by giving examples from the current market and showing participants how companies such as Gilette and Fae Beauty are paying extra attention to align themselves with the interest of the customers.

According to Dr Dey, product testing is another milestone in developing a successful prototype. “Your tests should start from the time your first prototype is created. Test whether the claims you make are being fulfilled, how long the product works, and how you can improve user experience,” he said.

When asked why a startup fails, Dr Dey replied that, “either they spend too much time on creating the product than on actually testing it out or they fail to understand what the consumers actually want, you must avoid these pitfalls, “ he warned. The session ended with a Q&A where Dr Dey solved the problems participants had regarding prototypes.