Embracing National Pollution Control Day at Brainware University: A Thought-Provoking Seminar by the Department of Biotechnology

Embracing National Pollution Control Day 2023

National Pollution Control Day

The Department of Biotechnology at Brainware University recently hosted a captivating seminar to mark National Pollution Control Day, featuring the esteemed Dr. Asok Kanti Sanyal, Biological Science Secretary of The Asiatic Society, Kolkata.

Dr. Sanyal shared powerful insights, reminding us that pollution control is a collective responsibility of society. "We all acknowledge the presence of pollution, but it's crucial to spread awareness. Let's collectively ensure the well-being of humankind and create a harmonious environment with Nature," he emphasised.

Though the event has concluded, the impact lingers. Let's carry forward the spirit of responsibility, promoting environmental consciousness in our daily lives. Join us in the journey toward a sustainable and thriving future!