Webinar on Marketing Challenges and Resolution during Pandemic

Marketing Challenges and Resolution during Pandemic news-100

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To understand how pandemic has affected marketing and how gradually the problem has been solved, Tijarat-The Marketing C-LAB of School of Management & Commerce, Brainware University organized a workshop on the topic – ‘Marketing Challenges and Resolution during Pandemic’ on September 30, 2021, from 4 pm. Rashed Khan (General Manager Marketing of Yogotex Fabric LTD.) was the esteemed speaker for this workshop.Khan started the session with a brief introduction to their company. The speaker spoke about the challenges faced and how they broadened their avenues to cope up with the situation. He also explained how digitization has helped them in many ways. “The timely strategies and insights helped us to recognize and respond to crises in a meticulous way” added the speaker.The speaker explained that the companies should keep on changing their working strategies to meet the customer’s rising expectations. He stated that companies will need to use more skills and intelligence to sharpen their decision-making and team-working skills. This in turn will lead to more customer interactions and stronger human connections to their brands.This workshop helped the students to understand that how industries prioritized the perspectives of the customer and how they kept them afloat in this pandemic situation.