Oral Cancer Awareness month: IIC seminar discusses malignancy identification at an early stage!

Oral Cancer Awareness month

When someone buys a pack of cigarette or any other tobacco products; what is the warning on the pack? Yes, it cautions Lung Cancer!

But are you aware of the fact that in most cases, cancer starts from the mouth?

April is the Oral Cancer Awareness month. On this occasion, the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with Department of Allied Health Sciences organised a session on 'The Innovative Aspects of Oral Lesion Screening' on April 27, 2023. Dr. Surajit Bose and Dr. Rakshit Shetty from KSD Jain Dental College and Hospital were present to conduct the session.

The basic idea was to make the audience aware of the fact that there are certain methods for identification of malignancy in mouth at an early stage. Early cancer detection will lead to a high remission rate.

Now, it is up to the medical and paramedical students to shoulder the responsibility of spreading this awareness among common people and pursue effective research in oral cancer screening for its advancement!