Optometry Council of India Project Manager discusses the future prospects with Optometry students

future prospects with Optometry students - 332

The Department of Allied Health Sciences organised an 'OCI Student Talk' on November 16, 2022. Urmi Gogri, M. Optom., FBDO, Advocacy and Project Manager, OCI, joined online for the session.

In this context, it must be noted that the Indian Optometry Federation (IOF) and the Association of Schools and Colleges of India (ASCO) have together established a private, peer regulating Optometry Council of India (OCI) in September 2012 to certify and regulate the competence and standards of Optometrists and of Optometry schools and colleges.

The main objective of the session organised by the AHS department was to help the students to know their professions and future prospects in the field of Optometry. The students were informed about the development and implementation of a standard national curriculum for optometry, its development and implementation.