Free Health Check-up and Medicine Distribution to the People

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To provide health services to nearby villages, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Brainware University arranged an out-reach programme for a free health checkup and medicine distribution to poor people at Nabankur New Panchayat Building on July 5, 2022.

Shipra Sankar Banerjee(Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology) opined that “It often becomes impossible for villagers to travel a long way to access health care. Outreach strategies like this one can provide specialist visits to underserved populations.” Doctors, pharmacists, technicians and students were there to conduct the process of check up. Free check up and consultation were provided to the poor people.

This out-reach activity increased the quality of health care provided to the people of this area. “Time and cost to access health facilities often constitute a major obstacle to seeking care. If facilities like these are provided to the villagers it would improve the continuum of health care” added Olivia Sen (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology).

The programme ended with a lot of enthusiasm and motivated the students and health workers. This helped in evaluating the health status of the villagers of Chotojagulia Gram Panchayat.