A seminar on taboos and myths surrounding menstruation and how to change our mindset

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Creating a healthier India

Healthy women create a healthy nation. The taboos and myths surrounding menstruation often halt women’s progress in the society. Brainware University in collaboration with Unicharm India and GlobalHunt Foundation, organised a Workshop on Menstrual Hygiene for Female Students of 2020 batch, starting from May 17, 2021 to May 21, 2021. Ms. Roshnee Bhowmick (CSR Executive, Unicharm India) guided students through all aspects of female health.

The sessions focused on the effects of puberty on the female body and how we can best help youngsters cope with the changes. Ms. Bhowmick advised, “we must make them realise that it is natural and not something to be ashamed of. Shame is what creates problems. Doctor’s visits must also be encouraged and normalised,” she said.

The presentation was a mix of both scientific information about menstruation and the personal experience of menstruating women. Ms. Bhowmick invited audience members to share their first menstruation experience. Fear, pain, shame, disgust were few of the common sentiments that emerged from the discussions. While the scientific process of shedding the uterine lining seems logical, the shame society thrusts upon young girls needs to be challenged.

Ms Bhowmick discussed the management of menstrual waste. She offered several resources to students to learn different hygiene options. “If you are lacking proper sanitation facilities rather than cloth pads, menstrual cups might be a better option. Learn your options and make the right choice,” Ms. Bhowmick said.

The series came to a close with a lively discussion with the audience regarding the myths associated with menstruation. A participant replied, “we have always been called impure during periods but now I know how to treat my sister better. She won’t suffer like I did,” she said. Throughout the course of the event students had a chance to educate themselves about proper hygiene and lead a healthier life.