Award Ceremony of Deep Focus

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Honouring greatness

What greater way can there be to honour greatness than to create art inspired by it? To commemorate the birth centenary of the Legendary Filmmaker Sri Satyajit Ray, Deep Focus, the Cine Club of Brainware University organised a 72 Hour Challenge – a short film competition from April 11, 2021 to April 14, 2021. Sixteen teams participated in the challenge to create a film inspired by the magic of Ray’s directorial skills. Each team consisted of six members.Industry experts, Neil Roy(Director and Founder Face) and Partha Pratim Ghosh (Creative Director and Founder, Red Pencil) were invited to judge the competition. The topic was “A Twist in the Tale”. This award ceremony was scheduled on May 2, 2021 from 11 AM.

The event began with a Tribute to the maestro, Sri Satyajit Ray through a video presentation. Our honourable Vice Chancellor Sir, Sri Phalguni Mukhopadhyay encouraged the students to do justice to the rich legacy of Bengali art films. The short listed movies were then screened and the winners were declared by the Guests of Honour, Shri Meghnad Bhattacharya (Theatre Director and Founder of Shayak) and Souvik Dasgupta (Director, Creative Producer and Film Editor).

This was followed by a video presentation on the making of the short films with the inputs shared by the participating teams. The programme concluded with a beautiful song sung by our student Sk. Shirin Shahad Seunti that revived the memories of the films of Sri Satyajit Ray.

The event provided the students a stage to present their works and receive appraisal and critical views from the professionals of the industry. Dasgupta’s words of advice for the students to “use different filmmakers as different windows into the world. Understand that they each have their own way of portraying human life and learn to tell your own story,” will help steer our students in the right direction.