Expression, Communication, Presentation: The story of budding actors

Five day acting workshop

A cinema actor is a puppet in the hands of the director, cinematographer, and editor?

Brando, Boggart, Paul Muni - are they all puppets? Wondered a dismayed Arindam. Is a stage actor always superior to a cinema actor? Arindam was torn between this conflict! In 'Nayak' this conflict was ingeniously portrayed by Satyajit Ray on screen through the character of Arindam Mukherjee, a matinee idol played by Uttam Kumar!

Express yourself! Imagine yourself to be someone else and present yourself in front of an audience! Communicate with each other without speaking a word!

The subtle nuances of acting were discussed with the students at a 5-Day Acting Workshop conducted by Saikat Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Science and Journalism and President of Proscenium, the drama club of the university!