Primary Eye Check-Up Camp-Outreach Activity

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Brainware makes a difference!

Do Brainware University students just study? No, we take care to emphasize the importance of practical learning. Just this week on July 5, 2022, the students of Optometry participated in a Community Outreach Programme to help Sikdespukuria residents learn about vision hygiene and care. We offered free vision screening consultations and shared tips with them to maintain their sight health. We hope that opportunities like these continue to encourage students to step and contribute toward building a healthy nation.

This outreach programme allowed students to get hands-on exposure and learn diagnostic techniques such as Snellens VA Charts, Bailey Lovie LogMar Chart and use of retinoscope and auto-refractometer which shall help increase their knowledge base before clinical posting. In addition to helping residents learn about vision care management, the students also spread awareness about the relation between proper nutrition and good vision. It is our ultimate goal to ensure that Brainware University keeps on helping students become responsible citizens and successful professionals.