Webinar : Operation and Maintenance of Hydel Power Station

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Generating cleaner energy for a healthier earth

The increasing number of irregularities in the power system has been largely due to growing competition in the power industry. To inform the students about the advanced power modeling and control techniques, the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brainware University, organized a webinar on Operation and Maintenance of Hydel Power Station with reference to Electromechanical Equipment, on January 20, 2021, at 3 PM.

The speaker, Paritosh Dutta (former Additional Chief Engineer, West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) initiated the discussion by asking students “Have you ever visited a hydropower station?” He then went on to discuss how power stations ensure that electricity is generated in the most efficient manner. “Heat loss in power generation leads to huge annual loss in money and equipment worldwide and is a major area of development in the field of electrical engineering,” he explained.

He urged the students to focus on the incorporation of the latest machinery in power stations. “Locking and isolating devices or safety keys are being incorporated to abide by safety regulations. Power generators are being equipped with devices to minimise heat loss. You should keep up with the latest development in order to make a mark in the industry,” he advised.

The session ended with Dutta clearing students’ doubts regarding job opportunities in the power industry.