A Workshop on “Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development”

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Making success simple

The Human Resource industry is rapidly changing. To help students keep up and build a synergistic relationship with the industry, the Institute Innovation Council in collaboration with the School of Management & Commerce, Brainware University organised A Workshop on“Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development” on December 4, 2021 from 5 PM. Industry expert, Mr. Subhajit Roy(Co-founder & Director, Krishworks Technology & Research Labs Pvt.Ltd) was the guest speaker for the event.

For Mr. Roy, an entrepreneur is an avid risk-taker and someone who doesn’t accept defeat. “Failures are a part of life but if you let your story end there then it won’t matter in the long run. Fall down but be sure to get back up again,” he said.

Mr Roy shared instances from his own career where he failed in order to motivate the students. “Look at me, I have failed many more times than you all have even dared to try but my attitude to never give up is what turned those failures into learning experiences and you must do the same,” he said. He asked students to jot down what went wrong and what could be done better after each setback so that they can learn from it.

Mr Roy also shared strategies to make good impressions on the recruiters and how to get ahead in life. He advised students to develop core skill sets in their area of expertise. The session concluded with him answering students’ queries. We shall continue to provide students such opportunities to interact with trailblazers so that they can craft an excellent future.