A learning experience at SSKM Hospital!

learning experience at SSKM Hospital 2023

SSKM Industry Visit

Our 5th-year Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology students from the School of Medical and Allied Sciences had an amazing opportunity to delve into the realm of advanced immunopathological techniques during their recent industry visit to the Department of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology at SSKM Hospital.

The main objective was to provide our students with a hands-on understanding of the intricate working mechanisms behind these cutting-edge techniques that play a crucial role in diagnostics and healthcare.

The hands-on training session was nothing short of a transformative learning experience for our future healthcare professionals. They gained invaluable insights into the practical applications of immunopathology, paving the way for their seamless entry into the healthcare sector.

A big shoutout to SSKM Hospital for hosting our students and contributing to their growth in the field of medical laboratory technology.

Kudos to our students for their enthusiasm and commitment to learning! We're confident that this exposure will be a stepping-stone to their success in the dynamic world of healthcare.