Webinar on The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Image 177 of the Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Preparing for the digital future

How can you keep up with the rapid changes transforming the IT industry? Here’s how. The Department of Computational Science organised a Webinar on The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency on May 9, 2022 at 5 PM. Mr. Prasanna Lohar(Founding member of India Blockchain Foru) and Mr. Devesh Chawla( Founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas, Advisor with Crypto University) were the facilitators for the event.

The speakers introduced students to the way in which cryptocurrency is changing and what makes it so popular. The rapid rise of crypto popularity, notes Mr. Lohar, is largely due to the ease of use and the elimination of the intermediaries. He then went on to elaborate the mechanism behind the procedure. Pointing students towards the resources, Mr Lohar also explained why cryptocurrency is such a volatile concept.

Mr. Chawla helped students to know how they can prepare themselves for a career in blockchain technology and the measures they can take to ensure their CV is a competitive one. He talked about the use of such technology in fields such as healthcare, forensics, management and others. Chawla also advised students to move beyond blockchain technology and look at use cases since that will be the one to look out for in the future.