Fighting modern cybercrimes with innovative technologies: IIC webinar discusses

Fighting modern cybercrimes with innovative technologies

Innovation in investigation techniques against modern cybercrimes is an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats. In this context, the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with Department of Cyber Science and Technology organised a webinar on April 7, 2023. Yash Korat, who currently serves as the Cyber-crime investigator of the Cyber Agents, was the speaker at the session.

The primary objective of the webinar was to emphasis the present cyber threats and the procedure of prevention of the danger of cybercrime-related activities. Korat also explained and demonstrated various kinds of threats of the digital world with examples.

In this regard, it must be noted that some of the innovative techniques that are being used to combat cybercrimes include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), blockchain technology, and advanced forensic analysis. AI and ML were being used to analyse vast amounts of data and detect anomalies, which can help identify potential cyber threats. Blockchain technology is also used to create secure and transparent systems for data sharing and communication that can help prevent cyber-attacks.