A Workshop On Employees Engagement

A Workshop On Employees Engagement news-128

Recognition of best practices

To learn the techniques for higher level of engagement among the employees, the department of Management and Commerce organized a workshop on “ A Workshop On Employees Engagement” on November 27, 2021 from 4 PM. Mr. Sunil Adhikari, (Senior Human Resources manager at C&A sourcing) was the guest speaker of this event.

This workshop was arranged by THE ACHIEVERS’ SUMMIT -The HR C-LAB of School of Management & Commerce, Brainware University. The speaker highlights the importance and psychology behind staff recognition, as recognition is one of the most impactful and inexpensive engagement drivers. He also focused on best practices, tools, and traps to avoid.“Learning to leverage human capital by improving Employee Engagement can offer real value” added the speaker.

Adhikari discovered how to recognize strengths and weaknesses in others and how to best leverage empathy in building more effective workplace relationships.Post this workshop, the students discovered the truth why employee engagement is the single most important factor in the organization. The students also acquired proven tools for engaging with employees.