MoU sign-up with Goa-Centre for Excellence in Intellectual Property

MoU sign-up with Goa-Centre for Excellence

Whenever the topic of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) comes up, the name of Jagadish Chandra Bose comes up inevitably. Bose's reluctance to file a patent for his discovery of radio wave cost him the Nobel Prize which ultimately went to Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi.

On May 19, 2023, the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology organised an international seminar on 'Comprehensive Understanding of the Domain of IPR'. At the same event, an MoU was also signed between Brainware University and Goa- Centre for Excellence in Intellectual Property (G-CEIP). Hon'ble Chancellor of Brainware University Phalguni Mookhopadhayay was also present at the MoU signing. G-CEIP was represented by , Dr. Umesh V Banakar, President, Banakar Consulting Services and Founder of G-CEIP.

"Intellectual Property is becoming an important part for the growth of the university. This MoU will help our institution in terms of intellectual input. With Dr. Banakar's advice, we are hopeful that we will perform in this area also," said Mookhopadhayay.

While addressing the students at the seminar, Dr. Banakar highlighted various important issues related to IPR. He noted that since 2021, the country has enforced National Education Policy and with its implementation, IPRs are to be introduced in every discipline!

Dr Sushil Kumar Mitra, Former Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs, Patent Office, Government of India was also present at the event.