Webinar on The Proof of Concept Challenge by Brainware University

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The start of an Innovative Future

The Tech Club of Brainware University in association with Institution’s Innovation Council( IIC) Ministry of Education and AICTE organised an annual innovation contest to give young minds the platform to showcase their innovative ideas before a panel of experts. Innovation is the need of the hour and India is counting on innovators to take our country to the next level of development. Brainware University is committed to establishing a vibrant ecosystem of innovative start-ups by assisting students in developing effective business models. On January 18, 2021 students from all departments of the university participated in teams to present their start-up ideas.

The participating teams came up with a wide range of interesting ideas like creating automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, Novus Oculus (a navigation system for the visually impaired), and a Modern fire extinguisher ball.

The session ended with a piece of advice to the students to pay more attention to charting the financial constraints of their prototypes alongside developing the innovative aspects of their projects. The winners of the event were: Mr Dibaker Dutta and team - project on 'Fish Culture by means of Biofloc technology' Mr Siddhanth Das and team - project on ‘Novus Oculus’ Mr Shrimanta Garain and team - project on 'Accident Alert System’.