Workshop on Email Etiquette

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The gateway to a brighter future

What sets a candidate apart from the others in a highly competitive job-market? The Future Job Reports published by the World Economic Forum seems to suggest that 98% of the candidates need to have not only a peerless CV but also the necessary soft skills to operate in a professional environment. To help our students groom themselves for a better career, The Department of Campus to Corporate, Brainware University in collaboration with British Telecom organised A Virtual Workshop on Email Etiquette on March 9, 2021 from 1 PM.

Mr Ravi Sharma( Senior Manager, Operations, British Telecom), Mr SN Rao (Campus Head, British Telecom), and Mr Deepak Sharma( Personal Effectiveness Learning Professional, British Telecom) were the guest speakers for the event.

Mr Ravi Sharma began the discussions by highlighting the need of drafting effective emails.“Whether you have a request for a client or an application to file your email will be one among many. If it isn’t effective people will simply not open it and there goes your chance,” he warned.

Mr SN Rao was of a similar opinion when it came to email etiquettes. “I have seen highly trained professionals write sloppy emails which leave a bad impression. Make sure your subject line is clear and to the point and most important information has been placed in the first paragraph itself. Also, keep the salutations professional,” he advised.

Finally Mr Deepak Sharma advised students that “the golden rule of emails and for that matter any formal communication is for it to be crisp. clear. controlled. Say only what is important and you will be okay,” he said.

After going through some sample emails, questions were invited from the audience.Rajesh Pathak, a participant remarked that “such high quality training programmes will help first-generation students like me. I signed up for an academic course but at Brainware I got the whole golden package!”