Workshop : ISO 27032

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Preparing for a career in the digital era

What is the relevance of cyber-security in online business systems? The pandemic has forced businesses to shift to the digital platform, a move that has exponentially increased the demands for cyber security analysts.To help prepare the students for the booming job market, the Department of Cyber Science & Technology, Brainware University, in collaboration with The Forum for Quality Assurance (FQA), UK Ltd organized a one-day workshop on ISO 27032: Cyber-security Management System Standardization in Current Digital Transformation Era on March 6, 2021 from 12PM.

Mr Faiz Ahmed (Director FQA, UK Ltd) was the guest speaker for the workshop. While discussing the need for cyber security analysts to prepare for the market demand, he advised, “You need to consider your unique selling proposition (USP) and work towards further improving it. Remember increased demand also means increased competition, so you have to distinguish yourself.”

Mr Ahmed discussed how cyber threats are increasingly troubling medium and small businesses which have recently shifted to the digital platform. “It is most problematic for new businesses to adapt to the digital platform and that is where you come in. Market yourself to these companies and build your client base from the base up,” he said.

The session ended with a brief discussion on good practices for businesses to adopt and a Q&A session with the students.