'Freedom through the lens': Students captured captivating moments for Photography Competition

Photography Competition 2022

"An image is formed in the head," said Nemai Ghosh at a seminar. The veteran still photographer who worked with Satyajit Ray recounted how there were no mobile phones, digital cameras etc. yet some of the best snaps were clicked by him. To encourage its students on the idea of capturing moments, the Department of Multimedia and Media Science and Journalism in collaboration with the Photo Frame Club observed the 183rd World Photography Day on 19th August 2022 to celebrate the incredible art and craft of photography.

The students of Brainware University participated in the photography competition on the theme ‘freedom through the lens’. Over a hundred students from different departments participated and submitted photographs which were digitally displayed. Dr. Dipankar Bhattacharyay Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dr. Suman Majumder, Director of Projects, Brainware University, inaugurated the event.

In his opening speech, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor emphasized on the role of photographers in the present-day media industry and how a creative composition is instrumental in making a photograph.” He also enlightened the students on the importance of visual aesthetics in photography. “Photographers have a social responsibility to bring changes in society with the art of storytelling”, said the Director of Projects.

Soumobroto Dey from the department of Multimedia secured the first position in the photography competition for the photograph titled ‘freedom is priceless'. The second position was jointly awarded to Debkanta Banerjee’s ‘wings of freedom’ of Media Science and Journalism and Saraiya Parveen’s ‘play and learn’ of Multimedia. The photograph ‘worker at rest’ by Somdutta Mukherjee from the department of Multimedia secured the third position.