Webinar | Innovation and Development

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The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Brainware University presented a webinar entitled 'Process of Innovation Development' held on February 12, 2022 at 2:00 PM via Google Meet.

The webinar was led by Asoke Kumar Paul, Ex General Manager Incharge, R & D Centre, Steel Authority of India Limited. Mr. Paul outlined his understanding of innovation, and how it was crucial to achieving economic growth for any organisation. Separating it from capital investment and the upskilling of the labour force, he outlined how continuous innovation was needed for an organisation to eke out its place in a competitive market.

Isolating innovation as a crucial factor which could both upgrade the products currently in demand on the market and give rise to completely new demands in consumers by identifying market gaps, Mr. Paul used a plethora of real-life examples from his long and distinguished career to demonstrate how organisations could cement their place in the market using innovation in research, production and distribution.

"It was an excellent session and students should feel lucky they got to listen to such an informative talk delivered by someone with the experience of Mr. Paul. We look forward to many such events," said Dr. Rajesh Dey, Associate Professor and one of the organizers of the event.