Industry insider discusses the career graph in Hospital Management industry

Image 293 - Career Graph in Hospital Management industry

The Department of Hospital Management organised an online workshop on 'Career Options Available in Healthcare and a Brief about the HR in Hospitals' on September 23, 2022. Tapti Bhattacharya, Chief People's Officer, Apex Hospital, Jalpur, Rajasthan was the guest speaker at the session.

The speaker shared her personal experience as a hospital professional and the opportunities that are available for the students as a newcomer. Furthermore, the job roles were also shared in detail with them. She elaborated on the position that an individual will be offered initially and what are the top-most positions that a person may acquire after a couple years of experience.

The students were enriched with ideas that are related to their career scope and opportunities that are available in the hospital. Also, they learnt about certain important facts that are needed to sustain in the industry.